India is a country with a lot of ‘forgotten’ jobs; as a westerner, you should not judge it


Writing this blog is really energizing for me. When I read things about Pune, walk around or listen to people…I always keep in mind to stay focused. There is always the possibility to get inspired for a new post! Before I posted my first article in October 2016, I made clear what and how I should write. One of the things that I had in mind with the posts was to be positive instead of judgmental. It is ok to be curious, but always with an enthusiast approach. It is with this in mind that brought me a great deal of doubt to write and post this article. I finally said ‘yes’ to myself, although its easy to write about this subject in a sarcastic tone. So, what is it about? It’s a simple thing that a lot of foreign travelers or expats will notice during their stay in India; the hundreds of forgotten jobs that seems useless when you look at them with our western lenses. For instance, the officer that stamps your supermarket bill before you leave the store. For the western readers: every time you have finished your shopping and paid for everything there is another hurdle: a security guard will inspect everything in your bag and stamp the supermarket bill. Another example: in some (expensive) hotels and even in some malls you could find the liftboy. His job is actually very simple; he needs to push the button in the lift, to bring people to the right floor. As a lift boy he is are also responsible the operation of the fan or the air-conditioning. One more before I finish is the ‘loader’. You could find a lot of ‘loaders’ in retail outlets and electronics and white goods stores. This role is also very simple; it is their job to bring customer goods to their cars or cabs. Have you never visited India? You might laugh about these funny jobs, which could look a bit silly and useless. But you tend to forget the size of the country and its socio demographics. With over 1.3 Billion people it’s tough to give everyone a good paying job. Therefore a lot of people feel obligated to provide people with a regular income. For us it feels a bit odd, but the people in these jobs feel proud. Although I also see some room for improvement on an efficiency level, I usually tend to go with the flow. In daily life I work and deal with people in these ‘forgotten jobs’ very respectfully and every western traveler or expat should also do this.

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