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I‘m Jasper, a tech-minded India-enthusiast with special interest in design, travel, food, people, cultures, human behaviour & marketing. I live in Pune, India. Marie-Gon, my soulmate and partner is with me. However, sometimes she’s abrodsc02998ad to work on design-projects in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, USA & China. Marie-Gon is an international acclaimed interior stylist. Check the website:!

Dutch company KPN: my employer

I work for KPN, a Dutch company and a leading supplier of ICT services. We serve a large number of customer groups in the Netherlands and abroad with a wide range of products and services under various brands: from prepaid call services in the USA to Interactive TV in the Netherlands. In some areas we are ahead of the pack. For example, our TV-service (Interactieve TV) has the highest NPS in the market.

Former role: Proposition Manager for Interactive TV

I have been working as a Proposition Manager for KPN the last 4 years. I was responsible for the long term strategy & vision for our leading TV-service, Interactieve TV. In this role I was managing roadmaps and defining propositions and services to provide customers new and improved TV-services.

New assignment: liaison between India & the Netherlands

My new assignment for KPN brings me to India. The title of my role is ‘Sourcing Manager’. I will professionalize the cooperation between our company and various Managed Servflag-pins-india-netherlandsice Partners. These IT-suppliers create, manage and service various applications for us. You could say that I’m the local man on the ground, the liason between India & the Netherlands.

I’m very honored and happy with this inspiring new assignment! Nevertheless, I feel very humble. I’m surrounded by many brilliant Indian IT-professionals. Can I bring them inspiration?

Blog about Pune, one of the fastest going cities in India

I like to write & I feel very privileged to be in Pune. And I’m curious, I like to ask questions. So why not combine those elements and start a blog? That inspired me to skyline4--621x414.jpgstart! With this blog I would like to accomplish several things. Firstly, I want to share ideas and stories about daily life in Pune, one of the fastest growing cities in India. Secondly, I want to explore Pune and it’s local culture, business & people and inspire readers. And finally, I want to be a source of information for people when they consider Pune as a possible destination – as a tourist or as an entrepreneur.

My audiences: everyone who likes to know more about India

I want to blog for audiences all over the world. People in and around Pune could be inspired by the different view of their city. And for all the other people – travellers, India-enthusiasts, business partners, relations, colleagues, friends & family – I want to give a clear, honest and inspiring view of a bustling city.

Statement: this is a personal blog

One last statement: this is a personal blog. Although I’m employed in India, it does not reflect the company’s statement.

Have fun & Namaste