Indian entrepreneurs are very creative when they need to deal with government policies


The Indian National government launched a new liquor rule a few months ago. Since the new ruling, which had been implemented in every state in the Indian subcontinent, vendors, restaurants and hotels were not allowed to sell alcohol. This was if their outlet(s) were located within a 500 meter distance of a National highway. The main objective of the new ruling is to decrease the huge number of deathly casualties which are caused by road accidents. The government wants to influential with the behavior of drivers and prevent them from drinking and driving. This being a strong cause in many of these accidents according to government officials. The ruling has affected many vendors and some of them are struggling to survive. I have read stories of hotels and restaurants that are in trouble. Outlets that have lost their liquor license face huge losses. Some of them saw their average turnover decrease up to 50-60%, compared to similar periods before the ban. This new ruling has a huge effect on vendors and it has been criticized by many people. However, there are some entrepreneurs with a smart business sense. One of my favorite restaurants in Hinjawadi is Mezze9, a great place with excellent food, great outdoor seating and – yes – a bar with hundreds of fine cocktails, beers, whiskey’s and wines. The spot is located on Hinjawadi road, a busy road that connects the area between Wakad, Balewadi and Hinjawadi. It is a road that transforms into a traffic nightmare during the peak hours. Hinjawadi road has always been a ‘normal’ road, but the policymakers changed the status of this road when the new ruling came into effect. It is now considered to be part of the National highway and all the liquor vendors on this road lost their licenses to sell alcohol. But not Mezze9 and it’s very funny to know what they did. Mezze9 closed down the traditional entrance. Instead of this they have constructed a completely new entrance. It is around the corner, a lot of visible signs will now lead you to the new entrance, which is situated a little more than 500 meters away from the highway…..Problem solved!

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