Posh meets hippies: ABC farms is a superb area for a drink or dinner

arc asia abc farms 11

As a food-lover with an antenna for design and style I’m always looking for new and interesting spots for a good lunch or dinner. We live in Aundh, so I’m primarily searching for restaurants or lunch spots in the western parts of town. Baner is a good area for excellent restaurants. And Aundh of course, with the advantage that we can walk home. Deccan Gymkhana is also avery attractive option, with various good options for a wonderful dining experience. One of my favorite hotspots there is the Goodluck Café, established by Iranian owners in 1935. And, of course, Vaishali, one of the best places in Pune to eat South Indian snacks. Koregaon Park, considered as one of the most upmarket area’s in Pune, with the Osho ashram and the Westin Hotel as the primary hotspots, is an area we tend to forget. It’s a 45 minute drive without traffic and it feels a bit too far. Last week I decided to explore a new area and I found restaurant Shisha Jazz Café, in ABC-farms. The area feels a bit strange. It looks like an odd hippy spot, with a eco garden surrounded by palm trees. This is not the place you would expect next to the posh WestIn hotel! In the area are more good options, the Beetroot Bistro & Bar is the best dining experience with high ratings on Zomato. We ended up in a cosy place in the downstairs area of the Shisha Jazz Café. A trio was playing very good jazz music on the first floor. Entrance fee for the first floor is 200 INR, the ground floor is cheaper. Here you will pay 100 INR per person. I assume that they only charge you for the entrance when a band is playing. The food is a mixture of Indian classics and Iranian dishes. The restaurant, the cool surroundings and the service was very good. It’s a relaxing place for an evening friend or romatic dinner!

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