How to survive 40 degrees? Going to work!


Every day in this week the mercury is rising, ending with a steep 40 degrees during the weekend. It looks as if the summer of Pune has arrived early this year. Normally it will never top to these temperatures, but this year is different: March has been very warm up to know and the weather forecast of the coming 10 days is clear: it’s going to be ‘bloody hot’. What to do during very hot days is now a very relevant question. Keeping your windows and doors closed during daytime, that is a thing I can remember from our summer holidays to Spain & Croatia. Unfortunately, that did not work very well, ending up in using a lot of our air conditioners doing some extra work for us to cool down our house for the very welcoming evenings and nights. Luckily we can also cool down in the societies swimming pool, which is only a 5 minute walk from our house. However, the swimming pool is closed during the day as Indian people only use it in the early morning or late afternoon. So what to do when it is so hot? It sounds odd, but the best thing to do is to go to work. It’s relatively cool on the way from home to work, the air conditioning in my car is strong enough to arrive in style and without dripping in sweat. And the office has a very good maintained air conditioning, making the office building the best place to live on the hot days to come.

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