Indian people; very kind and special……but very suspicious


Living in India is great! I feel strongly connected to the food, the noise, the nature & everything else that makes the subcontinent a very special country. But the most important part of this huge home of 1.3 billion people are the….people. On the streets, in shops, in restaurants and even in Uber taxi’s…the kids, the women and men are generally very nice. They approach you very easy and – very funny – sometimes ask you very impropriate questions. After I told colleagues at work about my new home one of them instantly asked me ‘what do you pay for rent’. However, I also noticed some ‘darker elements’ of the Indian character. My assumption: they are very suspicious and strictly follow the principle ‘seeing is believing’. My prove? During many occasions, I observed some interesting behaviour that explained it. For instance, our experience in an electronica shop. We went to a Media Markt-look-a-like, a big shop with tv’s, washing machines and other electronics, and bought ourselves a fancy kitchen machine and a steam iron. After we finalised our payment they did something that surprised me; they unpacked our order to demonstrate….that it works! In many other occasions, they first wanted to receive money before even starting with the work. And, to finalise it, the funniest one is the inventory list of the house. I also had to sign for the huge 30-meter-high mango tree in de garden. What do they think: that I’m going to pack it in my luggage and take it with me after the lease ends…?

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