Can you please bring me the milk?


About four times a week I get up very early in the morning, put on my running shoes, walk up towards the paved area…..and run! I usually run for about 45-50 minutes and return home very exhausted, but also very energetic and relaxed. Running clears the mind and it’s fun to do! During various runs, I noticed a very inspiring event. Very early in the morning, the milk is distributed! Large trucks stop in front of local shops to roll out plastic trays, filled with packets of milk. The distribution goes further. It’s is being transported to small shops by smaller vehicles, by two-wheelers and even by bikes. And in some occasions, it’s also directly delivered to the end consumer. In the society where I live, Sindh Society in Aundh, a lot of bungalows have what I assumed is called a ‘milk subscription’. One or two packets of milk will then be brought to your house, every day.

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