Glitterati 2017: Young women arrive in miniskirts, dropped in flashy white Mercedes limo’s


It was my first New Year’s Eve in Pune. Marie-Gon went home to work on several projects, I brought her to Pune airport last Friday-evening. I felt lonely but also a little curious. How to spend the last day of 2016 Indian-style? I went on Zomato to learn more about the possibilities. My Dutch colleague – the other Pune-based Dutch expat that works for KPN – and I decided to have lunch at the Westin to find out more about the nightlife possibilities in that hotel. That evening, The Westin hotel should transform to Glitterati 2017, a flashy event with food, drinks & music. They offered us a party pooper pass, that would give us access to the 3 main venues in the Westin. My credit card smiled to me, so she accepted the payment of 10.000 INR (130 euro!). We went home and came back with an Uber, dressed up nice. The first thing I noticed was the immense crowd: over 3000 enthusiast people! 2996 of them from India, the other 4 from the western world so at least 25 selfies were taken with me and other people. The arrival process was slightly frustrating, they really ‘forgot’ to do a dry run for all the ticket options. We needed to pick up our tickets in one spot and than move over to the venues for the wristbands. However, we were send to the first floor and at the first floor they send us back to the basement and vice versa. It took us more than half an hour to get in, but it gave us the opportunity to see how the Pune elite party crowd arrives. Well, the boys dress up very casual. They look modern and neat. And the girls? If you expect any sari’s you’re wrong. Yes, I noticed some occasional Indian-style women, but most the female partygoers dress-up with very little. Some of them even wear very tiny mini skirts. It gave me a surreal feeling. I noticed that more than a dozen older woman and men selling all kinds of things out side the hotel.They will not make more than approximately 5000 INR a month. How do they feel when a young girl arrives in a flashy white Mercedes, paying twice their monthly income just for a few hours of fun?

One thought on “Glitterati 2017: Young women arrive in miniskirts, dropped in flashy white Mercedes limo’s

  1. Good blog! Indeed I also remember (and was deeply impressed by) the astonishing differences in incomes and life situations between various indian castes, having travelled the country back in 1992-1993…

    Enjoy your stay!


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