Zomato: India-based restaurant platform works better than their international competitors


I have to admit it; I’m a foodie. We love to cook, like to wander around on food markets and love to go out for a diner! We use various resources to spot the best restaurants when we’re in Europe. The Fork, a Tripadvisor company, is a good platform, although it’s very commercialized. However, I strongly belief in the social pressure of platforms like this: good restaurants with good food and great service will get the best reviews. And we tend to go to these places. Curious about the Pune food-scene, I immediately opened The Fork app after our arrival in Pune. Sadly, that was very disappointing. The coverage is very minimal, with very little reviews. I struggled some days, went online and found the local equivalent, Zoomato. I registered myself and started exploring the service. And now I’m addicted….. What a great service! The interface works smooth, you can favour restaurants (‘bookmark’  and/or ‘been here’) and it even displays the menu. Today, on Christmas day, I took some time to compere the western orientated The Fork with its Indian equivalent. And what are the results, jury? Well, to be very honest: it works much better than it’s western competitors. I like that. India is no longer a cheap workplace, it actually creates and designs services that perform even better. Deepinder Goyal, founder and CEO of the company: thanks for creating this excellent service!


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