Farzi Café: eclectic place with a 7-star service


Pune is a city with a mix of everything. The busy metropole is a residence for Muslims, Hindu’s, Christians, Atheists, Jains and even followers of Osho. There is also a history with people from unexpected countries. I was very surprised to notice a few shops and restaurants from Iran. The most famous one – with a distance – is café Goodluck, a restaurant in Deccan Gymkhana that was established in 1932. The food is great, and it’s packed with people for 7 days a week. It is one of the must-see dining hotspots of Pune and relatively cheap! Far more upmarket is the Farzi Café in Kalyani Nagar. Three weeks ago we walked in for a light lunch. It was a great experience, with loungy beats and fancy cocktails in an eclectic designed restaurant. We felt lucky and blessed, surrounded by the elite of Pune. I decided to go back, to have diner with a colleague. However, I wanted to check if the restaurant could also serve some gluten-free dishes, he’s very strict with his diet. I decided to drop a short message to the e-mail adress that was stated on their website. I did not have to wait very long and the reply was very kind. They sent me a very long e-mail with all the Gluten-Free dishes and copied the e-mail to the chefs in the kitchen, to make sure that the upcoming diner will be a satisfying event. And satisfying it was, Farzi is a very cool place with great music, fine drinks and very good food!

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