It is not possible to live in India without having all your senses (always) in an ‘active’ mode


Not long after our plane had landed in Pune, we were able to see and experience a lot things which make India so overwhelming and irresistible. The awesome colors are everywhere and the smell of fresh herbs in the markets, combined with the intense and very outspoken people; soon it felt as if all our senses had been put in an ‘active’ mode. We have been living in India for more than 8 months now, but every day feels like a new opportunity to see and/or have new experiences. And an ‘experience’ could be anything, as the beauty of this immense country is its diversity. From the bustling city life of Mumbai and Delhi to the secluded mountain area’s in the Himalaya’s, India has it all. And even Pune, our hometown, is full of variety. There are multiple areas to discover and it’s a uge challenge to experience a day without using your senses. In this brief blog, I want to connect the human senses that make life so interesting. Firstly, let’s start with hearing. Yes, India can be noisy, with a lot of vehicle horns and the occasional Punjabi house during festivities. But there are many nice occasions or places where one only needs to close your eyes and listen. Take a walk into a vegetable market, sit down and just close your eyes. The way the people talk, how they negotiate & the other surrounding noises all make for a very experience?  It’s a free sound theatre and in my case it’s just around the corner. And yet there is more. Go and find a place which is close to a mosque and wait till the (Friday) prayers start; it’s fascinating! Secondly, the next would be your your nose.And most people will say – after reading this phrase – that India is very dirty, with a lot of very bad smells all around the city.  Unfortunately, that is true. But you could also explore some interesting places to please your nose. Go to the area in Mumbai where they wash all the clothes for the hotels, the Dobhi Ghats, and you will smell something completely new: they use very special washing soap and for most people it’s a totally new experience. When was the last time that you smelled something really new? Another option is to walk through a market, where street vendors will attract customers and perform Hindu-rituals with a lot of incense sticks. Some of these incenses are amazing! Thirdly, there is the sense of feeling. Using this is very easy, and you don’t need to visit an ashram to activate it. Feeling could be anywhere; from the heavy monsoon rains to the very hot spring/summer temperatures and from an intense yoga lesson or massage to a non-private trainride inbetween pigs and chickens that will then surround you. The Indian cuisine doesn’t really exist. There are multiple cuisines in India, and some of its dishes are served all over the country. However, wherever you go, whatever you order: it will be a unique food experience like you have never ed before! Indian cuisine dates back to old Mogul empires, some dishes have been cooked and served for centuries. Try the chai, the Indian powerfull tea that will give you a redbull-like kick. Or try one of the coconut-based curry’s of the south; they will definitely outdo your curry-delivery services in Europe. India is a foodlovers paradise! Finally, the eyes, one of the main senses that makse India so great. Eyecandy is everywhere within India! From the beaches in the south with  coconut palm tree’s and unspoilt sand till the beautiful temples everywhere. And don’t miss the wildlife parks in the country. You could spot tigers, elephants, rhino’s and many other species, mostly set in a calm and serene green setting. All these smells, experiences, tastes & feelings will be egnited in your brain. This last and important sense, your personal hard drive, will ensure you that you will always carry India with you and never let go  of it.


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