Natures basket is an expat’s paradise, but I prefer Djorabjee’s for groceries


Doing groceries is a ritual for many people. It’s a daily or weekly routine, which regularly turns out into visiting the same shops and markets and even walkin an identical route through the local supermarkets. People that have read the work of Israeli Professor Daniel Kahneman know exactly what I mean: people tend to do go about recurring tasks with their subconscious mind. We began our adventure in India with no routines at all. We did not have a favourite supermarket, nor did we have special shops for cheese or a butcher to fill up the freezer. I would recommend to start a new life in a completely different country to anyone! It feels very refreshing! It’s is absolutely great fun to explore a new city and slowly find your favourite spots, especially when you don’t have any preconceptions. Being a Dutch citizen, we are very comfortable with the supermarkets being the main source for groceries. One might not like it, but the supermarkets have strongly pushed away a lot of small shops in our country and in India supermarkets have just begun the tour to victory. Therefore it is very common in India, to do your groceries at very small shops. There is of course a huge disadvantage: it will take you much time, as you need to move from shop to shop to finalize your shopping list. We quickly found some local supermarkets. One of these is Natures Basket, a  Godrej operated supermarket that caters the needs of the upper class (and expats). It is clean, the products look very fresh and the service is excellent: they will pack your bag and bring all the groceries to your car. The downside: it’s not cheap at all. Another option in Pune is Dorabjee’s, a big supermarket in Camp with a lot of imported goods. If you need Parmesan, French wine, American peanut butter or Italian pasta….Dorabjee’s is the place to be! We also found a local supermarket in Aundh, Food Plus, that positions itself between the huge but very crowded and messy Reliance and the upmarket Natures Basket and Dorabjee’s. Although I still like to do some small shopping at the family-run small shops in Aundh, it is fun to go to the supermarket. Our first choice for a real good supermarket is Dorabjee’s. It’s quite far for us, but it’s the best source for exclusive and fine products.

3 thoughts on “Natures basket is an expat’s paradise, but I prefer Djorabjee’s for groceries

  1. Indeed. I agree with you 100 percent. Just to add my 2 cents: the frozen food collection, non-vegetarian food section is huge and hygienic.

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  2. We just moved here and aren’t close to either of the does you mentioned, but we are going to go to Djorabjees to check it out got our big one a week shopping trip. Thanks for posting this info! Do you know if Djorabjees sells brooms? We are looking for a regular house broom, not one of the short handled, long stress brooms we have been seeing around here. Thanks!


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