In India there is no such thing as ‘I come back later’


Moving to India effects a lot of regular recurring events. What to do with my periodic visit to the dentist? How to deal with health issues? And where do I need to go for a smart haircut? Up to now it has been a pleasure to source for new professionals to take care of me. I went to a very fine dentist, found a clinic for medical services and I found an excellent hairdresser. I always look on ‘the net’, the Indian way to describe the world wide web, to find potential services that fits my needs. However, I always choose for the option to drop by and see how it looks (and feels). The result of this strategy? I have chosen another dentist than the initially planned one, as I was not happy with the service and hygiene of the initial first choice. However, my most important insight after this process is something completely different. That insight has nothing to do with choosing and the process behind it, but it surely effects the actual first visit, my first contact with the company. Let me explain by describing my experience with the dentist at the Appollo Clinic. The dentist at the Apollo was my next best option and I moved to the clinic for some ‘more information’. I found out that ‘some more information’ is not on the menu in India, resulting in very short period in the waiting area and a very good dentist visit. They had time for me! I somehow had the same experience with Enrich, a very good hairdresser with salons In Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune and many more large cities. I visited the saloon in Aundh during rush hour, all the chairs were occupied and the chairs in the waiting area were all taken. I suggested to the people behind the counter to come back later, when it was a bit quieter. Unfortunately, they did not let me leave the salon. ‘Please sir, take a seat and one of the hairdressers will help you in a couple of minutes’. I’m not sure how long I waited, but I walked out of the salon very happy. This approach feels very welcoming and smart. In the Netherlands, my homecountry, you are nowhere without an appointment. No appointment means no services in almost 95% of the occasions that you enter a shop or building. Everything is booked in advance! It is very pleasant to observe the welcoming approach of many vendors, outlets and services!

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