The 7-star service in JW Marriott is fabulous… but not possible to achieve in the EU


As an expat, I had the luxury to ‘land’ in India in a very luxurious manner. So, we arrived in Pune more than four weeks ago and checked in at the JW Marriott, one of the most luxurious hotels in the city. The brand portfolio of Marriott is very broad. It ranges from the very good but ‘basic’ Marriott Courtyard to the very luxurious and elegant Marriott JW. So, how was it? Was it good? I can give you a simple answer: yes, it was a great stay! The JW-rooms are very well designed and all the other areas within the premises are very attractive. It is 5-star luxury! However, being in India Marriott adds something else to the concept of a 5-star luxury hotel: people. The people – and the service that they provide – are the real key of the real luxury. For instance, they offer cold towels if you want to use the pool. Cold towels! And in the breakfast area the people are very very attentive. Marie-Gon ordered Indian chai during breakfast on the first two days of our stay. After that, the chai was brought to her every morning, without ordering it. They are very aware! But the following experience that we had hit the roof. On the last morning, all the waiters knew that we were leaving; ‘Hello sir, hello Madam. I hope you enjoyed your stay in the hotel, you are leaving today, right?’. Marie-Gon   ordered French Toast on this special occasion, one of her favourite dishes astonishing place. Unfortunately, it took a little more time than it usually did. After ten minutes the dish finally arrived and we were happily surprised with the presentation: they have served the dish on a big plate and wrote ‘Happy Journey’ in chocolate. Wow! I’m always interested in business opportunities and I tried to figure out if something like this could be possible in The Netherlands. Quickly I realised that it will never work as labour is relatively expensive in our country (if you compare it to India). So, if you want to experience 7-star luxury, come to the subcontinent and come to the JW Marriott!

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