India Through Loving Eyes: Having Friends Over Is Fun


I recently started blogging for Lex Agent/Pune Expat Club. The first blog has been published by them. If you’re interested, please check it here!

2 thoughts on “India Through Loving Eyes: Having Friends Over Is Fun

  1. Hi Jasper
    Read your recent blog on Lex agent on Pune. Loved it and your writing too..
    Having grown up in pune, i could relate to it spot on. Couple of places in and around pune, i would suggest are; the cantonment area ( parallel to east street & behind) which stretches upto race course , sopan baug, empress garden. I havent been there since few years now but it used be lush green and far more quiet typically in the late evening.
    If one is interested in going around pune then there are some interesting shorts treks in Sanyadri range giving us a glimpse of history in King Shivaji times.
    There is so much to travel and feel..


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