The ‘best’ restaurant in Pune does not have Indian food; it serves Brazilian…


Picture this; a very warm decorated restaurant in the heart of Koregaon Park, with excellent staff and an open kitchen that produces mouthwatering dishes. Am I talking about a new South Indian hotspot? The best Punjabi of Pune? No, I’m talking about Boteco, a Brazilian restaurant that is hidden in a large building on lane 7. It’s operated by a Brazilian chef, who lives here with his Dutch wife. He opened the restaurant more than a year ago with an Indian partner and based on the crowd in the restaurant it is a huge success. On lane 7, you need to enter the building to take the lift to the third floor. The welcome process is overwhelming and warm; the lady at the entry desk is very nice and she will hand you over to one of the very attentive service staff for a table inside or outside. On a Monday or Tuesday you will probably get a table very easy, but please book a table if you want to dine here later during the week, as it gets very crowded during weekends. If you like wines, Boteco is the place to be. They serve some pretty good wines and you can order order most of the wines also by the glas. The food menu is very broad, ranging from a few good fish starters to (a good choice in) grilled meat. The Brazilian kitchen is new for me. I noticed that they specialize in good meat dishes (grilled) and dishes from the oven, based on several creations of dough. I’m a big fan of the restaurant and many people in Pune are, based on the very high (4.7) score on Zomato, my favorite food-app in India. So if you really like good food and want to eat something else than masala dosa’s, naan, parata’s or one of the other Indian evergreens, go for Boteco!

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